How It Works

1) Submit Items for a Price Quote
  • Please give us as much info as possible
  • Year, Brand, Model, Size
  • Specify components, wheels, upgrades, etc.
  • Physical Appearance Condition*
  • Any known damage or defect(s)*
  • Functional Condition*

*Please be sure to be accurate and fair when describing physical and functional condition as we may need to adjust your offer upon receipt of your item(s) if your evaluation is significantly off

2) We’ll email you a Quote
  • We take a “no-haggle” approach
  • We make our best offer up-front and then let you decide
  • In some cases, we will ask for some pictures of your item(s)
3) Ship Your Items to Us for FREE
  • Accept your offer and we will email you a prepaid shipping label(s)
  • Simply print out the label(s) and schedule a time for UPS to pick up your package(s)
  • Tip for finding a bike box:  Local bike shops typically will provide a used bike box to you for free
4) Receive Credit at The Bicycle Guys or Virtually Any Bike Shop Nationwide!
  • We’ll check over your items and promptly send your credit via email.
  • Your credit may be used for products and services
  • The gift card does not expire!
  • If your items are different from what you thought (eg. wrong model) or are damaged, we will contact you with an adjusted offer.


What Types of Products can I Trade In?

We take the following items on trade for store credit:

  • Complete Bikes (no department store or “big box” store bikes though)
  • Framesets
  • Wheelsets
  • Forks
  • Components
  • Parts
  • Accessories (Computers, Lighting Systems, Cycling Glasses, Panniers, etc.)

What Can I use my Store Credit For?

You can use your store credit to purchase anything in the store, including service, or for special orders.

How much will I get? Can I get more selling on my own?

You’ll receive a top-dollar price quote for your items. Guaranteed. We make it easy to get your new bike, components and accessories.

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