How It Works

1) Submit Items for a Price Quote

Please give us as much info as possible:

  • Year, Brand, Model, Size
  • Specify components, wheels, upgrades, etc.
  • Physical Appearance Condition
  • Any known damage or defect(s)
  • Functional Condition
2) We’ll call you with your Price Quote
  • We take a “no-haggle” approach
  • We make our best offer up-front and then let you decide
  • In some cases, we will ask for some pictures of your item(s)
3) Ship Your Items to Us for FREE
  • Accept your offer and we will email you a prepaid shipping label(s)
  • Simply print out the label(s) and schedule a time for UPS to pick up your package(s)
  • Tip for finding a bike box:  Local bike shops typically will provide a used bike box to you for free
4) Spend Your Credit at The Bicycle Shop
  • We’ll check over your items and promptly send you an electronic gift card via email.
  • If your items are different from what you thought (eg. wrong model) or are damaged, we will contact you with an adjusted offer.
  • Your The Bicycle Shop’s electronic gift card may be used for products (online and in-store) and services
  • The gift card does not expire!


What Types of Products can I Trade In?

We take the following items on trade for store credit:

  • Complete Bikes (no department store or “big box” store bikes though)
  • Framesets
  • Wheelsets
  • Forks
  • Components
  • Parts
  • Accessories (Computers, Lighting Systems, Cycling Glasses, Panniers, etc.)

What Can I use my Store Credit For?

You can use your store credit to purchase anything in the store, including service, or for special orders.

How much will I get? Can I get more selling on my own?

You’ll receive a top-dollar price quote for your items. Guaranteed. We make it easy to get your new bike, components and accessories.

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