[boc_heading alignment=”center” css_animation=”top-to-bottom” color=”#fe4b00″ font_size=”45px” css_classes=”section-heading”]How It Works[/boc_heading][boc_divider divider_width=”100px” divider_position=”center” divider_height=”2px” divider_color=”#fe4b00″][boc_spacing height=”30px”]
[boc_heading html_element=”h5″ color=”#fe4b00″ font_size=”18px”]1) Submit Items for a Price Quote[/boc_heading]

Please give us as much info as possible:

  • Brand, Model, Size
  • Physical Appearance Condition *
  • Any known damage or defect(s)*
  • Functional Condition*

*Please be sure to be accurate and fair when describing physical and functional condition as we may need to adjust your offer upon receipt of your item(s) if your evaluation is significantly off

[boc_heading html_element=”h5″ color=”#fe4b00″ font_size=”18px”]2) We’ll email you a Quote[/boc_heading]
  • We take a “no-haggle” approach
  • We make our best offer up-front and then let you decide
  • In some cases, we will ask for extra information about your item(s)
[boc_heading html_element=”h5″ color=”#fe4b00″ font_size=”18px”]3) Ship your items to us for FREE[/boc_heading]
  • Accept our offer and we will email you a prepaid shipping label(s) you need, as well as packing instructions
  • Simply print out the labels and send your items to us
  • As an option, the shop where you will be receiving store credit may be able to pack your equipment and parts for you. Remember to bring them the prepaid shipping label(s)
[boc_heading html_element=”h5″ color=”#fe4b00″ font_size=”18px”]4) Spend Your Credit at your favorite local bike shop![/boc_heading]
  • We’ll check over your items, and depending on how your preferred shop handles store credits; we will promptly send you an electronic gift card via email, or a hard gift card via UPS with tracking information.
  • If your items are different from what you thought (eg. wrong model) or are damaged, we will contact you with an adjusted offer.