Trade In @ Open Road Bicycles San Marco store location Fri & Sat Feb 21st & 22nd



What Types of Products can I Trade In?

 We take the following items on trade for store credit:

Complete Bikes (no department store or "big box" store bikes though)






Accessories (Computers, Lighting Systems, Cycling Glasses, Panniers, etc.)

What Can I use my Store Credit For?

 You can use your store credit to purchase anything in the store or for special orders. 

Do the Store Credits Ever Expire?

Heck No! Your credit is always good.

Can I get a price for my stuff in advance?

We do need to see and inspect your items to provide an accurate trade-in value so, we cannot provide estimates prior to an event.

How much will I get? Can I get more selling on my own?

You'll receive a top-dollar price quote for your items. Guaranteed. We make it easy to get your new bike, components and accessories.